Fire & Emergency Medical Services

Welcome to theMFFD Patch-NEW Village of Menomonee Falls Fire Department website. Our goal is to provide interesting and helpful information about our organization and its operations. Menomonee Falls Fire Department members and staff are proud of their rich history of service to the community and strive to research new and innovative ways of providing the most efficient and professional services possible to those who reside in, work in, or visit our community.

The Menomonee Falls Fire Department provides Fire and Emergency Medical Services to citizens within the Villages of Menomonee Falls and Lannon. We are also active participants in the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) providing assistance to our neighboring communities when called upon. 

The department responds to approximately 5,500 incidents each year. 

The fire department operates from three fire stations.

Fire nozzle spraying water with words join us
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