Health and Performance Division

Goldner, Samuel

The Health and Performance (H&P) Division is led by Dr. Sam Goldner is tasked with supporting department personnel in performing their job duties by maximizing their professional and personal potential through improving the membership’s physical fitness and health.

The MFFD recognizes the most valuable asset it has is its membership, and that a holistic and empowering approach to supporting the health and wellbeing of its membership is critically important. This enables the department and its membership to be as successful as possible in achieving the departments mission, and also, just as importantly, in all other areas of life. H&P personnel are willing and prepared to assist active, inactive, and retired department members and their families with attaining their health, fitness, and performance potential, through:

Physical therapy for rehabilitation and injury-prevention

Physical fitness instruction, coaching, and consultation

Nutrition instruction, coaching, and consultation

Related education and referral to other resources

Peer Fitness Training

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