Survive Alive Trailer

The Survive Alive Trailer is used to teach children fire prevention, fire safety and exit drills. Non-toxic smoke is used to simulate fire conditions. It consists of three rooms:

  • Kitchen with a stove, oven and microwave to teach kitchen and cooking safety.
  • Living Room with fireplace to discuss hazards and general safety throughout the home.
  • Bedroom with a heated door to simulate fire conditions an learn when not to open a door. Children are taught to crawl low in spoke and how to exit safely.

The lessons can be viewed on a monitor mounted on the exterior of the trailer.

  • Manufacturer: Mobile Concepts by Scotty
  • Year Constructed: 1999

Important lessons for the entire family include:

  • Recognizing fire hazards.
  • Preventing fires before they start.
  • Preplanning and Practicing exit drills.
  • A predesignated meeting location. 

If you see the Survive Alive Trailer at a community event, please stop in for a visit!

Please contact us if you would like to have the Survive Alive Trailer at your community event.