Emergency Access to Your Residence

Knox HomeBox Key Safes

For residential property owners who need or want the ability to grant fire departments access to a residential property in an emergency without property damage, Knox® HomeBox™ is the most secure, residential-grade, key safe that is trusted and supported by your local fire department. Unlike "universal" or "realtor" residential-grade boxes that can be opened by anyone who has a common key or PIN, Knox HomeBox is a high security, weather-resistant key safe that can only be accessed by the fire department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide peace of mind and safety to your property, loved ones, and pets.

Ordering a Knox HomeBox Key Safe

Click here to order a Residential KnoxBox online (Click on the red "BUY" button in the upper right corner.)

Please call 262-532-8823 with any questions.

Other Options for Emergency Access

Residential property owners may also provide specific information to the fire department to allow emergency access to their home. This allows responding personnel to enter quickly in emergency fire or medical situations without causing property damage. 

The information is securely stored in our Dispatch Center and only made available to responders in an emergency. 

Examples are: garage door codes, a neighbor with keys, codes to keyboxes, etc.

Please call 262-532-8823 with any questions or to provide emergency access information.