Inspection Requirements

Typical Inspection Requirements

These inspections are not all inclusive and subject to change at any time. Call Building Inspection Division with any inspection requirement questions.

3 Or More Inspections

  • New one/two family home construction
  • Decks (without diamond piers)
  • New commercial buildings
  • Home additions
  • Commercial additions
  • Projects including insulating walls

Rough & Final Inspections

  • Foundation repair (interior and/or exterior)
  • Electrical wiring/service and installation
  • Plumbing installation
  • HVAC ductwork installation or fireplaces
  • Most interior remodel projects
  • New electrical service

Final Inspections

  • Furnace/Air conditioning install and wiring
  • Sump pump install and wiring
  • Electrical disconnect
  • Mixer valve replacement
  • Generator or service upgrade
  • Radon fan
  • Dishwasher (with air gap)
  • Sewer/Water lateral (to be placed after roof is installed)

Inspection Requests

  • 24 hours notice is required for inspection requests
  • The general contractor should always be calling in all inspection requests
  • For residential projects with multiple permits, all rough and final inspections will be done at one time
  • Please call for residential and commercial questions and inspection requirements

Common Inspection Terms

Footing Inspection: Done prior to concrete being poured. Inspection takes place after forms are installed. Footing recertification is required for all new buildings.

Foundation Inspection: Done prior to back filling. Inspection takes place after foundation is installed. Soil analysis is required for all new one and two family homes unless backfilling with 6 ft. of stone.

Rough Inspection: Done prior to insulation. Inspection takes place when all building framing and mechanicals that will be hidden from view in finished building have been placed. Must be done before any mechanical placement is covered.

Egress Window: 8% Natural light required for a bedroom. Egress Window Diagram

Insulation Inspection: Done prior to drywall placement. Conducted when insulation and vapor barriers are in place.

Final Inspection: Conducted at the finish of project to determine all codes and regulations have been appropriately met.

Printable Building Inspection Requirements (PDF)