Accessory Buildings / Storage Sheds

Before You Apply

It is important to contact the Zoning Department while planning your project to confirm size and setback requirements in your zoning district. By doing so, you will insure the proper placement of the structure on your property, avoiding any complications which could delay the process.

If you have a private sewage system, you must also contact Waukesha County for a Preliminary Site Evaluation (PSE) before you can receive a building permit from the Village.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding your project.

Requirements for Building Permit Application & Permit Fee

A complete application will contain the following:

  • Completed Building Permit Application
  • One copy of a survey with the structure drawn on to scale
  • Two copies of the construction plan only if shed is over 200 square feet
  • Fees for Accessory Buildings / Storage Sheds can be found here.


Structures less than 200 square feet will not be inspected for construction, but will be checked for setback requirements.

Structures 200 square feet or larger are required to have a slab and final inspection.

If the structure has an interior finish, a rough inspection will be performed.

Additional Information

Requirements for an accessory buildings include a survey, construction plan for structures 200 square feet or larger, and permit fee. The survey must show the location of the proposed building in relation to property lines and other structures. Once all required information has been submitted, please allow 7 to 10 business days to complete your permit.

The Village differentiates between a garage and shed by the size of the structure, the means of access (sheds have man doors, not overhead doors), and the use of the structure.

Detached accessory buildings greater than 200 square feet serving one and two family dwellings must abide by the following Municipal Code guidelines:

  • Grade-beam slabs are required for structures with a continuous floating slab of reinforced concrete. Slab shall not be less than 4 inches in thickness. Reinforcement shall be a minimum of 6 inches by 6 inches, number ten wire mesh or by using 1.5 pounds of fiber mesh per cubic yard of concrete with varying fiber mesh lengths. The slab shall be provided with a thickened edge all around, 8 inches wide and 8 inches below the top of the slab. The thickened edge shall have two Number 4 horizontal reinforcement bars placed at the center. The lower reinforcement bar shall be set 2 inches above the bottom of the thickened edge, and the upper reinforcement bar shall be set 6 inches above the bottom of the thickened edge.
  • Structures not constructed with a floating slab shall have footings and foundations placed below frost penetration level, but in no case less than 48 inches below grade per COMM 21.10.