Electrical Permit Fees

Fees & Expiration Date

Electrical permit fees are addressed in Sec. 42-18 of the Municipal Code and are periodically updated. Before receiving an electrical permit (PDF), the owner or the owner's agent shall pay the fee specified. Electrical permits expire one year after date of issuance.

Fee Schedule

Outlets for fixtures, switches, receptacles, and similar device.$0.50 each
Fixtures - incandescent$0.30 each
Tubular lamps - fluorescent, cold cathode, lumiline, mercury vapor$0.30 per tube
Strip lighting, plug-in strip, etc.$0.30 per foot
Exhaust and ventilation fan$6 each
Garbage disposal, dishwasher, food processor$6 each
Outlet over 120 volts$6 each
Clothes dryer, range, microwave, support appliance$6 each
Water heater or softener$10 each
Energy conservation device (per enclosure)$6 each
Electric furnaces$10 each
Baseboard or wall-mounted electric heater$10 each
Automatic heating equipment: gas, oil, coal$10
Miscellaneous heating devices or HVAC controls$10 each
Refrigerating and air conditioning units, including window units with special outlet$10 each
GFCI device, dimmer switch, time switch, motion or smoke detector, photo electric switch$3.50 each
Signs - neon, fluorescent or incandescent (wiring to)$25 each
Sign wiring (shop or field inspection)$25 each
Spotlights or floodlights over 150 watts$2 per lamp
Motor (over one-eighth hp)$10 each
Standby or emergency power unit (battery and charger)$10 each
Generators, rectifiers, transformers$25 each
Feeders or subfeeders Number 4 AWG or larger$10 each
Wireways, busways, auxiliary gutters or cable trays$0.25 per foot
(1) 0 to 200 ampere$50 each
(2) Larger than 200 ampere$10/ 100 amp
Temporary service, etc. (90-day limit)$100 each
Wiring for swimming pools, spas, whirlpools, hot tubs or other in-ground pools$50 each
Well pump or outside sanitary pumping system$50 each
Fuel dispensing pumps or units$10 each
X-ray machines, CAT scan and MRI units, motion picture machines$15 each
Underground circuit conductors for one or two circuits$0.03 per foot
Underground circuit conductors for more than two circuits$0.05 per foot
Electrical permit-Class 1, 2 or 3 security/fire alarms10 each
Minimum electrical permit fee (non-refundable)$50 each
Special inspection request$250
Reinspection fee or code corrections$75 per inspection
Failure to obtain permit before commencing workDouble permit fee
Failure to call for required inspections$75