Electrical Permit Fees

Fees & Expiration Date

Electrical permit fees are addressed in Sec. 42-18 of the Municipal Code and are periodically updated. Before receiving an electrical permit (PDF), the owner or the owner's agent shall pay the fee specified. Minimum electrical permit fee is $50.00 and permits expire one year after date of issuance.

Fee Schedule

Outlets for fixtures, switches, receptacles, etc.$0.70 each
Lighting - per fixture or section$0.30 each
GFCI, dimmers, timers, exit, egress
$3.50 each
Smoke, CO2, or motion detector
$3.50 each
Low voltage devices
$1.00 each
Outlet >150 volts not otherwise specified
$6.00 each
Range, oven, cooktop, dishwasher, disposal, clothes dryer, water heater, water softener, similar item
$9.00 each
Whirlpool or jetted tub
$25.00 each
Exhaust or ventilation fan
$6.00 each
Automatic heating equipment: gas burner, oil burner, stoker/coal
$10.00 each
Electrical heating device: furnace, strip, space, baseboard, etc.$10.00 each
Refrigeration unit: central A/C, chiller, walk-in cooler/freezer
Air handler unit, commercial hood
$75.00 each
Commercial exterior lighting: bollards, light poles, wall packs
$18.00 each
Spotlights or floodlights >150 watts
Residential outdoor post light
$10.00 each
Energy conservation device: wind, solar
$100.00/panel or disconnect
Signs$25.00 each
In-ground swimming pool
Above-ground pool, spa, hot tub
$50.00 each
Services: 0-200 ampere
$50.00 each
Services: >200 ampere
$50.00 each + $10.00/100 amps >200 amps
Temporary service (90-day limit)
$100.00 each
Feeder, sub-feeder, transfer switch, panel board, sub-panel
$20.00 each
Wireways, busways, underfloor raceways, auxiliary gutters, cable trays, etc.
$50.00 each
Generators, rectifiers, reactors, transformers, capacitors, converters, welders, etc.
$50.00 each
Well pump or outside sanitary pump system
$50.00 each
Fuel dispensing pumps or units
$10.00 each
Elevators & lifts
$25.00 each
Machines: Industrial hook-up, X-ray, MRI, CT scan, motion picture
$15.00 each
Standby or emergency power unit (battery and charger), motors over 1/8 hp
$10.00 each
Underground circuit conductors$0.04/foot
Security and fire alarm panels$10.00 each
Special request inspection for an existing permit outside regular business hours$150.00/hour
Reinspection fee or code corrections$75.00/inspection
Failure to obtain permit before starting workDouble fee
Failure to call for required inspections$75.00