Plumbing Permit Fees

Fees & Expiration Date

Plumbing permit fees are addressed in Sec. 42-18 of the Municipal Code and are periodically updated. Before receiving a plumbing permit (PDF), the owner or the owner's agent shall pay the fee specified. Minimum plumbing permit fee is $60.00 and permits expire one year after date of issuance.

Fee Schedule

Fixtures, as follows:
  • sinks
  • water closets
  • baths (any description)
  • washbasins
  • laundry trays
  • wash machine connection
  • urinals
  • floor drains
  • bar and soda fountains
  • ice makers
  • drinking fountains
  • in-line coffee machine
  • water treatment devices
  • catch basins
  • sump pits and ejectors
  • water heaters
  • food waste disposals
  • dishwashers
  • shower stalls
  • hose bibbs
  • sprinkling meters
  • water softeners or filters
  • receptors (all types)
  • pressure reducing valves
  • backflow preventers
  • air admittance valves
  • grease interceptors
  • conductors
  • manholes
  • sprinkling/deduct meter
  • equipment connections, etc.

$12.00 each
Building sanitary or storm sewers from main or lateral to building$55.00 first 100 feet or part thereof. $0.35 each foot over 100 feet
Water service (a water meter pit is required for all laterals longer than 300 feet)$55.00 first 100 feet or part thereof. $0.35 each foot over 100 feet
Private well or well pump$50.00 each
Well abandonment$100.00 each
Special inspection request$150.00 per hour
Reinspection fee or code violations$75.00 per inspection
Minimum plumbing permit fee(non-refundable): plumbing$60.00
Failure to take out permit before commencing workDouble fee
Failure to call for required inspections$70.00
Gas piping per fixture$12.00
Miscellaneous repair or replacement of interior piping$50.00
Water heater or softener$12.00 each

Holding Tank

The cash bond referenced in section 18-331(b) is $0.02 per gallon of the holding tank capacity