Building Permit Fees

Building permit fees are addressed in Sec. 42-18 of the Municipal Code and are periodically updated. Before receiving a building permit, the owner or the owner's agent shall pay the fee specified. In respect to new work, existing buildings, alterations or repairs, the physical value of the work shall be determined on the basis of current costs.

Minimum building permit fee is $50 for residential and $100 for non-residential. Building permits (PDF) issued under the Uniform Dwelling Code are valid for two years from date of issuance. All other building permits expire after one year.

Home TypeCost Per Square Foot
Residential: one-family, two-family and additions thereto, and attached garages$0.30 per square foot, based on the total living area + the total basement area + the total garage area; $50 minimum
Residential: three-family, row housing, apartments, multi-family housing$0.30 per square foot; $100 minimum
Local business, institutional, church, schools, office buildings, canopies or additions thereto$0.30 per square foot; $100 minimum
Manufacturing and industrial buildings, warehouses with incidental offices, or additions thereto. Office and finished room areas shall be charged at the office building rate (item (c) above)$0.25 per square foot; $100 minimum
Detached garages, sheds, agricultural buildings, or other similar accessory buildings$0.30 per square foot; $50 minimum
Accessory structures including but not limited to, decks, porches, pools, fences, communication masts, towers, monuments, solar collectors, windmills, and satellite antennas larger than 30 inches in diameter$50
Foundation repair$50 for work requiring 1 inspection; $100 for work requiring 2 or more inspections
Residential remodeling or repairing$0.30 per square foot; $50 minimum
Re-side or re-roof$50 Residential; All other $10 per $1,000 of value with a $100
Wisconsin Uniform Building Code SealCurrent State Fee
Wrecking, razing (under condemnation, fee may be waived), or interior demolition$100 per structure
Moving buildings over public waysBond plus $200
Fuel tank installation or removal$50 per tank
Non-residential temporary structures (tents) and parking lots$100
Heating, including ductwork or piping (for combined heating and A/C units, count each as a separate unit (one heating and one A/C))$50 per unit, up to and including 150,000 input BTUs. Additional fee of $10/each 50,000 BTU or fraction thereof
Commercial/industrial exhaust hoods and exhaust systems$100 per unit
Miscellaneous heating and ventilating equipment, including manufactured fireplaces, wood burning stoves, incinerators, space heating units, electric and infrared heaters$50 per unit
Piping and ducts (not combined with a new heating or conditioning unit)$0.01 per square foot of conditioned area; $50 minimum
Cooling towers$50 each
Air conditioning: other than wall units (for combined heating and A/C units, count each as a separate unit (one heating and one A/C))$50 per unit, up to and including 3 tons or 36,000 BTUs. Additional fee of $10 for each additional ton or 12,000 BTUs or fraction thereof
Air conditioning: wall units$15 per unit
Permit to start construction of footings and foundations for multi-family, commercial and industrial; construction of one- and two-family structures may not start until the building permit is issued$500
Plan review fees
1. Residence: one-family and two-family and additions thereto, and attached garages

2. Residential: three-family, row housing, apartment, multiple-family housing

4. Non-Residential

5. Decks, porches, pools, detached garages, sheds, agricultural buildings, or other similar accessory buildings
$175; $50 for addition or interior remodel

$175; $70 for addition or interior remodel

$250; $125 for addition or interior remodel

Occupancy permit: per new residential unit$50
Occupancy permit: per new residential addition$25
Occupancy permit: per new office, industrial or commercial buildings$125
Occupancy permit: per addition to office, industrial or commercial buildings$100
Occupancy permit: to occupy existing office, industrial or commercial space$100
Special inspection request$150 per hour
Reinspection fee or code corrections$75 per inspection
Special report and letter request$50
Minimum building permit fee (non-refundable)$50 for residential; $100 for non-residential
Failure to obtain a permit prior to commencing workDouble the regular fees charged
Failure to call for required inspection$75

Cash Deposit

The cash deposit for damage to public health facilities during construction shall be $1,000.