Before You Apply

It is important to contact the Zoning Department early in the planning of your project to confirm setback requirements in your zoning district. By doing so, you will insure the proper placement of the structure on your property, avoiding any complications which could delay your project.

If you have a private sewage system, you must also contact Waukesha County for a Preliminary Site Evaluation (PSE) before you can receive a building permit from the Village.

Requirements for Building Permit Application & Fee

  • Fees for Decks/Porches can be found here.


  • Footing - Before post holes are filled or placement of concrete
  • Rough - Before deck boards are installed if deck is less than two feet from grade
  • Final - When construction is completed

To guarantee your inspection when needed, we require at least 24 hours notice.

Additional Information

Requirements for a deck permit include a survey, a construction plan and permit fee. The survey must show the location of the proposed deck in relation to property lines and other structures. The construction plan must show how the deck will be built with details on spacing, the size and type of materials, and the proper dimensions. A general picture of what the deck will look like is not a sufficient construction plan.

Residential Decks

Residential Deck Information (PDF)

Decks attached to dwellings and detached decks which serve an exit require footings 48 inches below the finished grade.

Decks may not impede access to electric meter pedestal and pedestal must meet the electric utility requirements.

Please refer to the 2011 Wisconsin Administrative Code, Safety and Professional Services, Chapters 320 to 325, for current code requirements.