Wreck/Raze Structures

General Information

Whenever a building is razed or wrecked, it must be removed in a manner that disturbs the adjoining properties and public areas as little as possible. Adjacent areas must be protected from damage.

The property must be cleared of all debris and rubbish as rapidly as practicable. The property must also be properly graded and leveled so that the site does not spoil the appearance of the neighborhood.

Before You Apply

Before a building can be razed or removed, the owner or agent must notify all utilities having service connections within the building such as water, electric, gas, sewer, etc.

If the building is served by public sanitary sewer or water, the service laterals must be disconnected at the curb or main. A plumbing contractor must obtain a plumbing permit (PDF) to perform this work and contact the Sewer Utility and Water Utility to determine the locations of the disconnect.

On-Site Facilities

If the building is served by on-site facilities (well and/or septic system or holding tank), those facilities must be abandoned in accordance with the requirements of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, Section SPS 383.33.

Utility Disconnection Verifications from WE Energies for gas and electric service must accompany the Building Permit Application (PDF).

WE Energies

Utility Disconnection Verifications from WE Energies for gas and electric service must accompany the Building Permit Application.

Please contact we energies through the link below for gas and electric disconnect information.

Demolition Information

Asbestos Inspection

The facility being razed must be inspected for the presence of asbestos-containing materials prior to beginning the project. Notification must be submitted to the DNR regardless of whether or not asbestos is present and a copy of the inspector's report must be furnished the Village of Menomonee Falls Building Department. All regulated asbestos-containing material must be properly removed before beginning the project.

Requirements for Building Permit Application & Permit Fee

Fee: $100 per structure
No fee for small sheds
Under condemnation, fee may be waived

Inspections Required

A final inspection is required after the building/s have been razed, site has been properly cleared of all debris and rubbish, and properly graded and leveled.

Call the Building Inspection Department at 262-532-4282 to request an inspection. To guarantee your inspection when needed, we require at least 24 hours notice.