Reside / Re-Roof

Before You Apply

It has become common practice to load bundles of roof shingles on the ridge of roofs. This practice violates Chapter 21.02 (3)e of the State of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code and rules of the Wood Truss Council of America.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding your project.

Requirements for Building Permit Application & Permit Fee

Shingles & Dumpsters

Shingle bundles must be distributed evenly on roofs. Bundles stacked on the ridge shall be no more than two bundles high. Only two layers of roofs is allowed.

When possible, dumpsters used for the removal of debris should be placed on your private property. When that is not possible, a dumpster permit must be obtained from the Public Works Department.

Debris Removal

All debris must be removed from the property in a timely manner.