Fireworks / Noise


No one may use, sell, offer to sell, give away, or possess any firework within the village unless in possession of a valid user's permit issued by the village, pursuant to Municipal Code 62-70.

Permit Applications

Permit applications are available at the Village Clerk's office in the Village Hall.

After proper application to the Village Board, (not less than 45 days prior to the event), and board approval, user's permits may be issued for festivals and public or private celebrations.


"Toy snakes," "sparklers," and "caps" are permitted in the village.

However, no unauthorized person may use any fireworks, cap, toy snake, or sparkler at a fireworks display for which a permit has been issued. This includes the village's July 3rd events.

A good rule to follow is if the device makes a pop or flash, it is unlawful in the village without a permit.

For more information, refer to State statute 167.10 and municipal codes 62-66 through 62-72. Pursuant to Wisconsin Statues § 167.10(5)(a)(1), the term "fireworks" shall be defined as including all items under Wisconsin Statues § 167.10(1) (Definition) and including all items under Wisconsin Statutes § 167.10(1)(k)-(1)(n).


When it applies

The noise ordinance applies to any time of day or night.


It prohibits loud, excessive, or unusual noise that disturbs the comfort, quiet, or repose of persons in the area.

Any unreasonably loud, excessive or unusual noise from the use of a radio, phonograph, other mechanical or electrical device, instrument, or machine within the village would be prohibited under this ordinance.


The ordinance prohibits the keeping of any animal or bird which may habitually, by any noise, disturb the peace and quiet of any person in the vicinity.

For more information, refer to Municipal code 62-116