License & Vaccination

Dogs older than five months must be licensed and vaccinated against rabies. Licenses are available at the reception desk in the Village Hall, located at the main entrance of the municipal building. Dog License application

Please keep your dog properly licensed, vaccinated, and under control to avoid inconvenience and cost. Dog owners are liable for their pet's actions.

Found at Large

Dogs caught running at large are impounded and quickly turned over to HAWS - Waukesha County Humane Society if an owner cannot be located. An impoundment fee may be assessed and citation issued for dogs at large.

Leash Law

A dog will not be deemed to be at large if:

  • It is attached to a leash of sufficient strength to restrain the animal and not more than ten feet in length where such leash is held by a person competent to govern the animal;
  • When the animal is properly restrained within a motor vehicle, provided that such vehicle is properly ventilated for the animal's safety; or
  • When not more than 50 feet from its owner or the agent of such owner in charge of such animal, and competent to govern such animal, at such distance, if the animal is not annoying or worrying pedestrians or trespassing on private property or public areas where such animals are forbidden

Dog bite cases may also require additional impoundment at owners expense.

Park Rules

No person having the control or care of a dog shall permit such dog to enter or remain in a public park or parkway unless it is led by a leash of suitable strength and not more than six feet in length, and then only within such areas in parks as have been designated by order of the park board. The park board shall cause signs to be posted in areas wherein dogs or cats are not permitted.

Dog Excrement

Village ordinance requires that the owner, keeper, or walker of any dog must immediately remove the dog's excrement from any public or private property other than the dog owner's property. Violation of this ordinance should be reported to the police department and offenders will be subject to penalties. For more information, please refer to municipal code, section 14-11.

Lost or Found

Contact the Police Department to report a lost or found dog. Provide a description of the dog and any information on the dog tag.

For more information, view municipal code, Chapter 14.