Hunting in Menomonee Falls is guided by Wisconsin State Statutes and Village Ordinances.

Hunting on Village owned property is not permitted for either gun or bow.

Bow & Arrow

  • With permission from the landowner.
  • With the proper State (DNR) license(s) and during designated hunting seasons.

No person may hunt with a bow and arrow within 100 yards of a building that is used for human occupancy and is located on another person’s property, unless done so with the specific permission of the owner of the land. The discharge of arrows must be downward towards the ground. Bow hunting is not restricted by location and a village permit is not required, a crossbow is included in this ordinance.

Shotgun, Muzzleloader, Handgun & Rimfire Rifles

Additional Restrictions

In addition to geographical restrictions, no shotgun may be discharged within 500 feet of any building, public street, road or highway, nor shall the shot propelled by the discharge be permitted to pass upon the premises of another or upon the public highways or other public grounds.

The hunting permit issued by the village must be in a hunter’s possession whenever hunting in the Village. Permits expire August 31st of each year. Properties listed on the permits will be verified for appropriate hunting approval and landowner information.

Background Screening

A record check will be done on each hunter. An applicant with a felony record will not be approved for a gun hunting permit. A DNR records check will also be completed on each hunter. If convicted of a DNR violation within the past year, a permit will not be issued. Due to background screening of hunting permits, the approval of the application may take up to 48 hours to process. If you have any questions, please contact Diane Braatz at 262-532-8760.

Hunting Permit Application Procedure

  1. Obtain permit forms from the police department or download a form from this site. Hunting Permit Application
  2. Complete the personal information on the form.
  3. Obtained signed permission on the back of the respective form from the landowner. Be sure the land where you wish to hunt is approved for hunting. (See Hunter map link on this page)
  4. Return the completed and signed form with the landowner’s signature to the police department.
  5. You will be called when your permit is approved and ready to be picked up and a $5.00 permit fee will be collected at that time.
  6.  If the permit is denied, you will also be called and given an explanation as to why the permit was denied.