Water Meters

Water Meters

All residential and commercial customers located within the village service area have a water meter that measures the amount of water transferred from the village's water main into the customer's plumbing system. The meter by code is located in front of the home or business where the lateral service line enters the building. Your water meter is measured in gallons.

The utility presently use meter's ranging from ¾ inches residential size through 6-inch commercial and industrial applications. The utility is governed by the Public Service Commission (PSC) and follows all guidelines there of. The PSC requires the utility to remove and replace a percentage of meters on an annual basis. The utility presently services and maintains all meters. All water meters are owned and maintained by the Water Utility.

Batteries are used for the reading portion of the meters. This also requires upgrading on a scheduled basis.

Please remember the customers' responsibility is to maintain valves before and after the meter. Please keep the water meter accessible to utility personnel.

Meter Reading

Every three months your meter is read using a radio device to retrieve the meter reading. The new advanced meters send a wireless signal that allows us to read your meter remotely. This is done by driving by your home or business using a computer. This computer (reading device) can retrieve multiple readings at one time in any immediate area. Once the readings are retrieved they are downloaded and the billing process begins. 

Previous readings are subtracted from the current reading to determine the amount of water used. In addition to usage, a quarterly fixed charge is also applied (See Authorized Utility Rates and Rules).

Reading your water meter can help detect a leak in your water system. To check for a leak, turn off all the faucets in your home and note the position of the meter sweep hand. Wait about 15 minutes and check the meter again. If the sweep hand has moved or the reading has changed, there's probably a leak. Our newer meters have a leak detector built in the dial.

Sprinkling Meter

Water used for lawns and outside use that does not directly enter the sanitary sewer can be exempted from a sewer charge. This process requires a separate meter installed to meter water used for outside use.

The main and sprinkling meter is read on a quarterly basis. During the billing process, the reading on the sprinkling meter is subtracted from the main meter; thus, avoiding a sewer charge. To install a sprinkling meter, the resident owning the home can do the plumbing themselves with the proper permits.

See Meter Diagrams for Installation Specification (PDF)

Meter SizeRental Charge
⅝ inch and ¾ inch$9.60 per billing period
1 inches$18.90 per billing period
1 ½ inches$33 per billing period
2 inches$54 per billing period
3 inches$96 per billing period
4 inches$156 per billing period
6 inches$312 per billing period

Permit Fee

  • Plumbing Permit = $50
  • Meter Installation = $55

Meter Settings & Diagrams