Mission Statement

The mission of the Utility is to provide our customers with a reliable supply of high quality drinking water now and in the future at an affordable rate. We are the responsible custodian not only to provide a potable source for drinking, but to provide ample supply for fire protection purposes. Our responsibility is also to monitor water quality consistent with state/federal regulations and to educate the public on being a good water use steward.

The Water Utility is governed by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) and is regulated by state and federal drinking water agencies (Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)). The Water Utility is municipally owned and services approximately 30,600 residents. The Utility is under the general direction of the Utility Director, with oversight by the Village Manager and the Board of Trustees acting as the Water Board through the Utilities and Public Works Committee.


14 full-time utility staff and two business office staff:

  • Provide safe, continuous, and ample water service
  • Maintain and repair the distribution and supply systems
  • Monitor the water quality
  • Meet federal and state standards


Water Rates (PDF)


Menomonee Falls Utilities has won the 2012 Water Fluoridation Quality Award and the Wisconsin Rural Water Association (WRWA) 2014 President's Award.

2012 Fluoridation Award - Centers for Disease Control
Wisconsin Rural Water Association 2014 Award