Private Wells

Well Abandonment Ordinance

If you are serviced by municipal water and retain your private well for outside use, you need to follow the Village Well Abandonment Ordinance. To retain your well, you must secure a permit along with a safe bacti-sample every five years.

For more information, contact the Water Utility at 262-532-4800.

Informational packets and brochures about your private well are available at our Utility office located at W156N8480 Pilgrim Road.

Why should I test my well water?

Safe clean water is the most important substance in our lives for drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning. To insure its safety, private well owners should test their well water annually.

Since there are no requirements to test a private well, except for bacteria when it's first drilled or maintenance of the pump is performed, you are responsible for making sure your water is safe. Unfortunately you cannot see, smell or taste most contaminants. Even though test results are OK one year, doesn't mean your well won't have contamination problems in the future.

What Tests Do I Need to Do on My Well?

Two very important tests are coliform bacteria and nitrate.

Coliform bacteria can enter ground water through poorly constructed or unsealed wells. Private wells can also become contaminated by insects crawling under well caps and through air vents.

Abandonment of Private Wells