Water Lateral Insurance

It has come to our attention that HomeServe USA has been mailing flyers to some Village of Menomonee Falls Water Utility customers. The flyers describe how the customers are responsible for the repair of their water service line. The company proposes to provide repair coverage for leaking water lines.

Menomonee Falls Water Utility customers are responsible for their water service from the curb stop valve outside (typically near the right of way line) into their house and past the meter. Menomonee Falls Utility customers are encouraged to check with their insurance company to see if repairs are already covered. Also, the customer needs to determine if this repair policy and its long term costs warrant coverage of this type. Menomonee Falls Utility customers should carefully read the proposed terms of service coverage for what is actually covered.

The Village of Menomonee Falls Water Utility does not endorse HomeServe USA. The Water Utility is not affiliated in any way with HomeServe and its programs.