Police School Liaison Officer Program


School Resource Officers (2021)The police department recognizes the importance of maintaining a good working relationship with its citizens as well as educating the youth of the community.

The police department in a partnership with the Menomonee Falls School District, developed a School Liaison Officer Program to provide middle and high school students access to a police officer. Juvenile Officers are assigned to the Village's middle and high schools during the school year and for various school functions.


While on the campus, the officer has a wide variety of responsibilities:

  • Teaching law-related education courses in conjunction with the teachers.
  • Handling any police-related matters that may involve the school community.
  • Providing counseling and guidance as well as assistance to victims of crime.
  • Creating positive police presence to reduce potential problems and help maintain a safe school environment.
  • Giving each student, teacher, and staff the access to speaking with them while feeling comfortable and safe.

Additional Information

To obtain more information, contact the Special Investigations Bureau by email or by calling 262-532-8700.