Babysitter's Guide

Before the Job

  • Only take babysitting jobs from people you know or that have been referred to you by a friend.
  • When you discuss a babysitting job, find out what time the parents expect to be back and let them know if you have a curfew.
  • Discuss what you charge for babysitting.
  • Discuss how you will commute there, and back home safely.
  • Leave the name, number, address, and expected time of return of your employer with your parents.
  • Make sure you have a phone available, whether it be a home phone or a cell phone.

During the Job

  • Know the name, address, and phone number of the parents' destination.
  • Know local emergency numbers, Poison Control Center, a neighbor, relative of the family, and the family doctor.
  • Have the full address and telephone number of where you are sitting near the phone.
  • Scope out the locations of all telephones in the house, in case of an emergency. Carry the cordless phone with you at all times.
  • Know how to work the locks in the house, and keep outside lights on.
  • Locate smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and emergency exits.
  • Ask about the children's bedtimes, food allergies, and medications.
  • Find out what they are allowed to eat and drink, and when.
  • Get permission and instructions for using the DVD player, VCR, Stereo, TV, Computer and other appliances.
  • Don't tie up the phone talking to your friends in case your employer calls, and do not invite friends over without your employee's permission.
  • If you are uneasy or suspicious about something you see or hear, call your employer, your parents, or the police.

After the Job

  • Tell your employer of anything unusual such as a strange call, noises, or a stranger at the door.
  • Call your parents to let them know if your employer is going to be later coming home.
  • Be sure you are escorted home.
  • If your employers are unreliable like always being late or sometimes intoxicated, then do not sit for them again.