Winter Operations

As winter approaches, we know residents might have some questions about how the Village responds to snow and ice events.

To learn more about snow removal tips, see As the Snow Falls.

What is the goal of snow and ice operations?

The immediate objective of snow and ice control operations is to maintain reasonably safe driving conditions during and following storm events. This does not, however, mean that bare pavement should be expected by motorists, nor does this mean that all streets will be free of snow and ice. Motorists and pedestrians are expected to take necessary precautions and to observe safe winter driving habits. Keep in mind that our snow and ice operations focus first on the heavily-traveled roadways in Menomonee Falls, such as Main Street, Appleton Avenue, and Menomonee Avenue. Collector and subdivision streets will be the secondary focus for snow removal, but will only be salted on hills, curves, and intersections due to lower speed limits and less travel on these streets.

When does Public Works come out to plow?

We have over 30 Public Works and Utilities operators that work long hours throughout the winter to ensure that our streets are plowed and treated as efficiently as possible.

Snow and ice operations begin when any of the following conditions are met:

  • Snow accumulation of 2” and more snow is expected
  • Drifting snow is causing hazardous travel conditions
  • Icy conditions are adversely affecting travel
  • Time of snowfall is affecting peak travel times

Do not pull up behind snow plows when they are equipped and engaged for snow removal operations. They frequently back up and have large blind spots. State law requires a following distance of no closer than 200 feet on any highway having a posted speed over 35 miles per hour and a minimum of 75 feet on any highway with a posted speed of 35 miles per hour or less (see Following Distances of an Operating Snow Plow flyer for more information).

Do I have to clear the sidewalk in front of my house?

It is the owner’s responsibility to clear the concrete sidewalk in front of the property and treat with salt or sand if ice has formed. The Village clears sidewalks in front of Village property, as well as some parts of the downtown area. Asphalt trails are not considered sidewalks, so snow clearance is not required.

Will my waste and recycling collection be affected by winter weather?

Please be aware that freezing temperatures may delay waste and recycling pickup services from Waste Management. Severe temperatures can cause equipment issues which can lead to delays. Please note that waste and recycling receptacles should be placed at least 3 feet away from each other and other objects. During the winter, please use your driveway or clear an area along the side of your driveway to place your carts.

What else do I need to know about Winter Operations?

  • Snow should not be shoveled or blown into the street
  • The Village encourages residents to clear the snow from any fire hydrants near your house
  • Residents are asked to check the condition of their mailbox and post – in most cases, a strong post and secure mailbox will withstand the impact of snow coming off of the snowplow