Leaf Collection


The Public Works Department provides annual leaf collection within the urban areas of the Village on streets containing concrete curb and gutter and storm sewer systems. Leaf collection within these urban areas is provided by the Village, not as a service to these urban areas, but as a proactive way to prevent leaves from collecting in and obstructing the storm water drainage systems causing potential flooding within these areas.


The annual leaf pickup program begins in mid-October and ends in late November. The leaf pickup program is exclusively for leaves only and does not include brush, yard waste or other debris. The Village disposes of the leaves that are collected through a composting process. As part of this process, the leaves break-down and decompose into a rich black material that is mixed with topsoil and used by the Village in lawn restoration work. To speed up the composting process, the Village turns and mixes the leaf piles with mechanical equipment. If brush and debris are mixed in with the leaves during collection, the equipment used to turn the piles for composting tends to repeatedly jamb and plug up. As a result, it's important to keep the leaf piles collected by the Village free of brush and other yard debris.


Village crews will collect the leaves utilizing a special leaf vacuum, leaf pushers, and specially modified garbage trucks. Leaf collection by the Village will continue until the majority of the leaves within the streets are removed. The deadline for placing leaves in the street is the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Penalties, Permit Acquisition, and Contact Information

For reasons stated above, any material, other than leaves, that is placed in or along the street will not be picked up by the Village. If leaf piles adjacent to your property are found to contain brush or other yard debris, you will be given a notice and asked to remove the brush and/or yard debris from your leaf piles within a 72 hour period.

Failure to remove brush, yard waste or other debris placed in or along the street is a violation of The Village of Menomonee Falls Municipal Code and may result in a fine if not removed and properly disposed of within 72 hours. You may contact the Village of Menomonee Falls at (262) 532-4200 for information on obtaining a free Yard Waste Permit that allows Village residents to dispose of brush and/or yard waste material at the Waste Management Orchard Ridge Composting Facility located at W124 N9355 Boundary Road / N 124th Street.

Thank you for your cooperation.