Top Ten Reasons to Ignore Prize Offers


  1. You will be asked to pay a fee.
  2. You will be too embarrassed to tell anyone you were victimized.
  3. You will be persuaded to provide a credit card number, access to your checking account, or wire money to an unknown source.
  4. By sending money, you will be helping companies break the law.
  5. You will be dealing with out-of-state companies that will soon be out of business.
  6. The number of irritating phone calls you get will increase.
  7. Your name will be added to sucker lists.
  8. Any merchandise you receive will be worthless.
  9. You will be asked to buy a water filter, perfume samples, pens, credit card protection, home security system or other merchandise costing hundreds of dollars.
  10. You will not win a prize.