What is Suspicious

Most Obvious Things to Watch For

  • A stranger entering your neighbor's house or apartment when it is unoccupied.
  • A scream heard anywhere may indicate a robbery or sexual assault.
  • Offers of merchandise at ridiculously low prices could mean stolen property.
  • Anyone removing accessories, license plates, or gasoline from a car.
  • Anyone peering into parked cars to steal or take valuables left out in the car.
  • Persons entering or leaving a business place after hours or loitering outside.
  • The sound of breaking glass or any other loud explosive noises could mean an accident, house break-in, or vandalism.
  • Persons loitering around schools, parks, secluded areas or in the neighborhood could be sex offenders.
  • Not every stranger who comes into your neighborhood is a criminal. There are perfectly legitimate door-to-door sales, repairmen, and servicemen around your neighborhood all the time. But criminals do take advantage of this by assuming the guise of these legitimate people. After all, if a criminal looked like a criminal no one would have any trouble spotting him.

Suspicious Actions & What They Might Mean

  • If someone is going door-to-door in your neighborhood, tries a door to see if it is locked and/or goes into a back yard, they could be a burglar.
  • Anyone forcing entrance into or tampering with a residence, a business or vehicle is suspicious anytime, anywhere.
  • A person running, especially if carrying something of value and at an unusual hour, is very suspicious and could be leaving the scene of a crime.
  • A person exhibiting unusual mental or physical symptoms may be injured, under the influence of drugs, or otherwise needing medical or psychiatric assistance.
  • Much human traffic to and from a certain residence is not suspicious unless it occurs on a daily basis, especially during late or unusual hours. It could possibly be the scene of vice activities or a "fence" operation.