Other Fraud Alerts

Suspicious Emails and Phone Calls

These scams involve phone calls and emails that attempt to obtain personal information from consumers. These messages appear legitimate, but ask for social security number, bank account numbers, pin numbers, or debit card numbers.

Victims who provide their personal information are then subject to identity theft and credit card fraud. The information could also be used to access funds from your bank account. You should remain alert to these scams. Do not respond to any questionable emails or phone calls.

Fraud On Business

If a buyer attempts to order merchandise via email, try to obtain a physical address rather than a post office box and a phone number.

Call the buyer to see if the number is correct and working and call the credit card company and verify if the card is stolen. Also make sure that the information matches the name and address given to you.

Send an email to the buyer to see if they have an active email address. Be wary of those that utilize free email services where a credit card was not required to open an account.

Foreign Money Offers

This scam usually comes in the form of a plea for help. Often from a supposed civil servant who is purportedly trying to get money out of the country. The scam is sprung when victims are told the deal is in jeopardy unless they come up with cash to cover unexpected fees or bribes. Do not provide any credit card or bank account information.