Child Abduction Prevention and Safety Tips

What to Teach Your Child

  • Their full names, addresses and phone numbers
  • How to dial 9-1-1
  • Never to go into anyone's home without your permission
  • That if they become separated from you while shopping, they should not look for you, but go to the checkout counter and ask the clerk for assistance. Never go to the parking lot!
  • To walk with and play with others. The child is most vulnerable when alone. If your child walks to school, have him/her walk with other children.
  • That adults do not usually ask children for directions. If someone should stop in a car asking for directions, the child should not go near the car.
  • That if someone is following them, they should go to a place where there are other people, to a neighbor's home or into a store. They should ask for help. They should not try to hide behind bushes.
  • Never to go near a car with someone in it and never to get into a car without your permission.
  • That someone might try to lure them into a car by saying you said to pick them up. Tell them never to obey such instructions.
  • That a stranger is someone they and you don't know very well.
  • Never to tell anyone over the phone that they are home alone.
  • Never to answer the door when home alone.
  • How to contact the Menomonee Falls Police Department at 262-446-5090 or 9-1-1 in emergencies.
  • Make sure that they know a neighbor they can call if someone tries to get into the house or if there is an emergency.
  • To tell you if an adult asks them to keep a secret, even if it is an aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc.
  • No one has the right to touch them or make them feel uncomfortable. They have the right to say no.
  • To tell you if someone offers them gifts or money or wants to take their picture.
  • To yell help, not just scream.