What Parents Should Know


  • Know your children's friends.
  • Never leave children unattended, especially in the car.
  • Be involved in your children's activities.
  • Listen when your child tells you they do not want to be with someone, there may be a reason you should know about.
  • Notice when someone shows your child a great deal of attention and find out why.
  • Be sensitive to changes in your children's behavior or attitudes.
  • Encourage open communications.
  • Never belittle any fear or concern your child may express to you.
  • Take a photograph of your child each year, four times a year for children under age two.
  • Have a set plan with your child outlining what he/she should do if you become separated away from home.
  • Do not buy items that have your child's name on them such as hats, jackets, and T-shirts. An abductor could start up a friendly conversation with your child after reading the child's name.
  • Make a game of reading license plate numbers and remembering their colors. This will help children recognize the numbers and letters on license plates and their state of origin.
  • Be sure the children's daycare center or school will not release children to anyone but the children's parents or persons they designate.
  • Instruct the school to call you if your child is absent.
  • Be cognizant of your children's activities on the internet and with texting.
  • Often times a child's attacker is someone they know, not a stranger.