Stormwater Permit

Permit Overview

The Village of Menomonee Falls implements federal and state stormwater quality standards with duties to reasonably manage the quantity of water run-off for regional flood abatement (Municipal Code Section 38-201). The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) limits release rates for development creating more than a minimum amount of new impervious surface, to reduce the probability of increased regional floods as the metropolitan area approaches full build-out forecast for 2050.

The water quality management duties apply to property development disturbing one or more acres and to development that increases impervious surface by 10,000 square feet or more (0.23 acres), unless the site is exempt.

Requirements for Engineering Permit Application & Permit Fee

  • Completed Stormwater Permit
  • Permit fees differ between developments where there is no development agreement and developments where there is a development agreement.
  • Where there is a development agreement, the applicant shall pay fees necessary to defray the total direct and indirect costs incurred by any and all village department staff and other representatives or professionals employed or otherwise retained by the village to process, review, inspect, record, or take any other administrative or enforcement action pertaining to or resulting from the disposition of such permit application.  Those fees are applied against any other required permit fees. Remaining fees are paid with the development agreement between the applicant and the village.
  • Fees for Stormwater can be found here.