Lateral vs. Main

Sewer Lateral

A sewer lateral or building lateral is the pipeline between the house or building and village sanitary sewer main. The connection is usually located in the street. The lateral is owned and maintained by the property owner from the sewer main into the building.

Lateral Backups

Usually, the cause of a backup in the lateral is from items such as children's toys, underwear, towels, diapers, disposable wipes and paper products (other than toilet paper). To avoid flushing these items close the toilet lid. Roots are another cause of a sewer backup. The lateral is the responsibility of the owner of the property. Even if what you flush down your toilet doesn't affect you, it may cause problems for neighbors!

Locating the Lateral

Locating the lateral is also the responsibility of the property owner. The Village of Menomonee Falls may have records showing, or plumbers have special locating equipment, to find the lateral / main connection.