Private Property Infiltration & Inflow

What Private Property Infiltration and Inflow Is

Water can enter the sewage system in many ways, including leaky pipes and connections, often on a homeowner's own property. The increased flow after a storm can cause problems throughout the system, including your basement.

But basement backups are only a symptom. The problem is bigger and requires a bigger solution – full cooperation from all municipalities, neighborhoods and homeowners. It's a serious problem, and it will not go away. In fact, it will only get worse if we don't get to work.

Video of water infiltration and inflow

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  • Infiltration – Water leaking into the sewer system through defective pipes, pipe-joint connections and manhole walls.
  • Inflow – Water flowing freely into the sewer system through piped connections such as downspouts and street catch basins.
  • Lateral – The pipe that connects the home to the sewer system. A lateral is the homeowner's property and responsibility.