Sanitary Sewer System


  • The Sanitary Sewer System services almost 25 square miles consisting of:
  • 215 miles of gravity flow sewers, ranging from nine to 60 inch diameter
  • 5,200 manholes
  • 11,500 building service connections
  • 10 pumping stations, 6.75 miles of force main, 4 inches to 16 inches in diameter
  • 11 metering manholes

Conveyance & Treatment

The Utility is a pass-through operation. The Village contracts with five municipalities for sewage conveyance and treatment.


  • Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
  • Village of Lannon
  • City of Brookfield
  • Village of Germantown


  • Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
  • Village of Sussex
  • City of Brookfield

Menomonee Falls is billed by these entities for both flow and capital costs. Capital costs are related to the cost of infrastructure. Income is used to pay debt and purchase major equipment.

Other Services

The Village operates and maintains the sanitary sewer mains, manholes, lift stations, and appurtenances within the borders of the Village. This includes:

  • Strict inspection efforts
  • Emergency response services
  • Sanitary sewer cleaning and televising
  • Continuing infiltration and inflow (I/I) efforts: re-lining sewers and manhole rehabilitation

The Sanitary Sewer Utility is committed to reducing unwanted I/I and eliminating sewer backups to create a better environment.