Award of Excellence

Best Neighborhood Watch Group in the Country for 2009

On July 27, 2009, the Menomonee Falls Police Department recognized the Menomonee Falls Neighborhood Watch (MFNW) at a ceremony held at Rotary Park. The MFNW received the Award of Excellence from the National Sheriff's Association making it the best neighborhood watch group in the country for 2009.

Joining us in honoring the MFNW was Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen and Senator Alberta Darling. Both Attorney General Van Hollen and Senator Darling understand the importance of a strong involvement of citizens working with local law enforcement to create safe neighborhoods.


Realizing the value a strong neighborhood watch can bring to local law enforcement and a community, the Menomonee Falls Police Department nominated the MFNW for this award in early 2009. The nomination was based on the amount of community service programs the watch group is involved in. Our neighborhood watch certainly acts as an extension of the police department's eyes and ears in assisting to deter crime, but it also reaches out to bring the community together through programs focusing around our youth and getting to know your neighbors. The group has held numerous fund raisers to assist the police department in buying necessary equipment it couldn't otherwise afford. A complete picture of how active this neighborhood watch has become can be found in the nomination essay submitted to the National Sheriff's Association which resulted in the Award of Excellence.

The Village of Menomonee Falls is a very safe community in which to live, work and recreate. The Menomonee Falls Block Watch has been instrumental through its grass roots efforts in assisting the Menomonee Falls Police Department in making this a great community.