Neighborhood Watch


"Homeland safety and security starts at home, here in the Falls."

The local Neighborhood Watch Program is a citizen-based partnership between Village residents and police officers. With some informal training and increased awareness, citizens can serve as the "eyes and ears" of public safety in Menomonee Falls.

Citizen Reporting

Neighborhood Watch is based upon the concept that when people take a "good neighbor" approach to being watchful in their neighborhood and community, they can cause police officers to be more effective in confronting suspicious behavior and controlling crime.

There have been a number of situations where a citizen's report of a suspicious act, person, or vehicle has helped police catch persons who were either committing a crime or otherwise needed police assistance.

The Neighborhood Watch program began in 1986 in Menomonee Falls when the first group started with just 60 homes and less than 100 people. Today, there are 154 specific Neighborhood Watch groups, which include about 4,500 homes and their residents.

Citizen Leaders of the Neighborhood Watch Program

  • Cathy Mariscal, President
  • Brian Fritsch, Vice President
  • Jim Cline, Secretary
  • Priya Czubowski, Treasurer
  • Tom Gawronski, Member at Large
  • Oksana Snyder, Member at Large
  • Don Grief, Member at Large
  • Detective Jay Weber, Police Liaison

These individuals lead the group in various activities and publish a Neighborhood Watch Newsletter seasonally to provide updates and information for their community.

Neighborhood Watch

Menomonee Falls Neighborhood Watch Website

In addition, personalized home security surveys are offered by Menomonee Falls Police officers, which are available to any Village resident who requests this service.

Several Menomonee Falls Police officers have been specially trained in this Crime Prevention sub-specialty, which assists residents in "target-hardening" their residence in order to promote residential safety and hopefully minimize thefts, burglary, and other serious crimes.

For more information about Neighborhood Watch, please contact Detective Jay Weber by email or call 262-532-8724.