How to Start a Neighborhood Watch Group


  • A crime prevention officer can help you decide how many homes should be included in your block watch and help plan your first meeting.
  • Contact each home in your neighborhood and explain what the neighborhood watch is all about. Neighborhood Watch involves good home security, a watchful concerned attitude, and neighborly cooperation.
  • Ask for their help starting a Neighborhood Watch group and inquire about a convenient time for an organizational meeting.
  • Select a date, time, and location convenient for most of your neighbors. The police department is available for meetings if needed.
  • Plan the meeting far enough in advance to give people adequate notice.
  • Call the Special Investigations Bureau and schedule a police officer trained in crime prevention to facilitate the meeting.
  • The officer will explain the Neighborhood Watch concept and show how neighbors working together can be the best crime prevention tool ever invented.
  • Announce the meeting by delivering a flyer five to seven days in advance to each household.
  • Then, as a reminder for your neighbors, make a short note or phone call two or three days before the meeting.

Officially Recognized Neighborhood Watch Groups

Officially recognized Neighborhood Watch groups are eligible to display street signs identifying their neighborhood as a Neighborhood Watch Block Group.

All Neighborhood Watch materials including literature, forms, signs, and window decals are provided free of charge by the Menomonee Falls Police Department and Menomonee Falls Neighborhood Watch.

For more information about Neighborhood Watch, please contact Detective Jay Weber by email or call 262-532-8724.