Storm Sewer Stenciling Program

Dump No Waste Drains To River Stencil ImageStenciling "NO Dumping" onto the storm sewer catch basins within Menomonee Falls is a great way to inform the public that the catch basins often go directly to the rivers. Any pollutants such as oil or paint illegally dumped into the catch basin will kill aquatic life and degrade our rivers.


School groups including Boy Scouts are welcome to contact Jeff at 262-532-4848 to find out what areas of Menomonee Falls with catch basins that need to be stenciled.

Thank you to North Middle School Green Team of Menomonee Falls and Green Team Advisor Mr. Nelsen for volunteering to stencil catch basins in October 2013 around North Middle School. Congratulations on stenciling 68 catch basins. We will watch for your continued progress to mark even more catch basins.