Community Wellness Data

The Community Wellness Data Report provides a snapshot of the existing conditions and recent trends in the Village. It includes local information across a variety of sectors with data comparisons to the State of Wisconsin and surrounding communities.

This annual report provides context for the work of the Menomonee Falls Collective Impact group work by helping community stakeholders better understand Village strengths and needs. The Community Wellness Data Report has been prepared and updated since 2017. It has offered a means to track quality of life indicators in the Village over time.

Data in the report is compiled from a combination of available US Census estimates, the State of Wisconsin, the Village of Menomonee Falls, the School District of Menomonee Falls, and a number of partner organizations. 

2020 Community Wellness Data Report

Learn more about local initiatives addressing health needs in Menomonee Falls and see past versions of this report at the Menomonee Falls Collective Impact webpage.

2020 Community Wellness Data Cover