According to the latest estimates from the United States Census Bureau, the Village of Menomonee Falls has a total population of 38,014 and 15,723 housing units. The Wisconsin Department of Administration projects the Village will add over 4,000 new residents by 2035.

 Gender & Age (2014 through 2018 five-year estimates)NumberPercent
Total Population36,784100
19 and under8,80023.9
20 to 345,69815.5
35 to 496,61418.0
50 to 648,56123.3
65 and over7,11119.3
Median Age43.7(X)

 Housing (2014 through 2018 five-year estimates)  NumberPercent
Total housing units15,723100
Owner-occupied units11,38175.6
Owned Vacancy Rate2502.2
Renter-occupied units3,67124.4
Rental Vacancy Rate1624.4
Median Home Value$241,700(X)
Median Rent$1,000(X)
New Single Family including duplexes (built 2010 through 2019)84543.5
New Multi-Family (built 2013 through 2018)1,09756.5

 Workforce/Economy (2014 through 2018 five-year estimates) NumberPercent
Total jobs in the Village33,659100
Resident workforce19,581(X)
25 and over with high school diploma/GED or higher25,45896.5
25 and over with bachelor’s degree or higher11,69244.3
Residents working in the Village5,38527.5
Non-residents working in the Village28,274(X)
Estimated Day Time Population50,862(X)

(X) Not Applicable

Source: United States Census Bureau, Five-Year Estimates, Menomonee Falls Department of Community Development