Housing in Menomonee Falls is an important asset for the community providing high quality living environments for Village residents. The Village benefits from a diverse local housing stock which includes single family homes, apartments, and senior housing in a wide variety of styles across a wide range of price points.  

  1. Housing Characteristics
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Housing Stock


  • Total units = 15,835    
  • Single family = 12,344 (78 percent)                   Median value = $228,300             
  • Multi-family = 3,491  (22 percent)                      Median gross rent = $946              

       *Note: Housing units are based on 2014 Village Assessor data and 2015-2017 building permits, median value/rent reflect
        ACS 2012-2016 five-year estimates from the United States Census Bureau

Single Family Units by Decade
                                                         Multi-family Units by Decade 
2018 Single Family Units by Decade        2018 Multifamily Units by Decade
                             Selected Housing Cost Characteristics for Menomonee Falls and Area Communities: 2016
    Cost of Housing Indicators for Menomonee Falls
                     Source: ACS 2012-2016 five-year estimates, United States Census Bureau