Prospective Businesses

The Department of Community Development can assist businesses looking to locate, open, and/or expand in the Village of Menomonee Falls. 

Staff can assist by:  

  • Directing businesses toward possible financial assistance programs available through the Village and other agencies
  • Guiding businesses through the Village approval and permitting processes
  • Providing community and demographic information to businesses
  • Serving as liaisons to local businesses and economic development organizations and other organizations

Please see the frequently asked questions below and for further information please contact Gabe Gilbertson at (262)-532-4277.

Regional Map

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to open a business in Menomonee Falls?

Typically, an occupancy permit is all that is required to open a new businesses in an existing building. However, if the proposed use is not a permitted use for the zoning district in which the property is located, additional steps may be needed. 

What do I need to expand my current business in Menomonee Falls?

Typically, as long as the business is a permitted use and meets all zoning requirements, Architectural Control Board will be required. Contact the Department of Community Development to determine if other Board approvals are necessary. Interior and exterior renovations will also require all applicable permits from the Building Department. 

Where can I find all necessary applications?

View common applications needed for opening a business in Menomonee Falls.

What are the meeting dates and timelines?

Meeting dates and deadlines can be determined by using the Village's meeting calendar. Plan Commission meets once a month with a deadline of about six weeks before the meeting, and Architectural Control Board meets once a month with a deadline of about four weeks before the meeting.

What is the Zoning of my current or prospective parcel?

View the Village's zoning map and if you have additional questions regarding the specific zoning for your parcel, please contact the Department of Community Development. 

Is my property serviced by municipal water?

View the water sources map of Village properties serviced by municipal water. If you have additional questions regarding municipal water, please call the Department of Community Development.