Traffic Signals


The governing authority for a particular intersection makes the final determination if traffic signals are warranted. The MUTCD and TGM set the guidelines, or warrants for signalizing an intersection.


Due to the expensive proposition of installation ($70,000 to $150,000+) and maintenance, the decision to install traffic signals is a carefully considered one. Extensive traffic studies have to be completed, warrants have to be met and a determination has to be made on how the costs will be borne.

Most of the signalized intersections in Menomonee Falls were joint projects with the majority of the costs paid for by the State of Wisconsin or Waukesha County. Over time, many of the State signalized intersections have been turned over to Menomonee Falls to maintain and repair from now on. Even when a determination is made to signalize an intersection, those plans are placed on a list in order of priority.

Process / Requests

Considering how all of Waukesha County is growing, the statewide responsibility the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has and the limited budgets of each government agency, it can take years to signalize an intersection once the decision is made to do so. You may call or email the Menomonee Falls Police Department Traffic Unit email to request to have an intersection reviewed for traffic signals.