Sign or Signal Requests


The Village of Menomonee Falls follows the universally accepted Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). This manual outlines in detail how and where all types of traffic signs, markings, and control signals are to be used. This manual is supplemented by the Wisconsin Traffic Guidelines Manual (TGM).

The principle of traffic signs and markings is to provide uniformity for motorists throughout North America. When looking at sign placement, several things are taken into consideration:

  • What is the purpose of the sign?
  • Will the sign properly serve that purpose?
  • Does it follow the guidelines set forth in MUTCD and TGM?
  • Will the sign be understood?
  • Can the problem be addressed without the use of a sign?

Steps in Considering a Traffic Sign or Signal

  1. Involve your neighborhood. Talk to your neighbors to see if they view the problem as you do. Ask your neighbors to do their part to make the area safer by looking at their own driving habits. Our studies have proven time and time again that most of the neighborhood traffic problems are created by the people who live there.
  2. Consider the impact a new traffic regulation may have, both on your street and nearby streets. Are we solving the problem or merely moving it to another street and creating an issue for that area? Will there be acceptable compliance of the new traffic regulation or will enforcement be unrealistic to accomplish?
  3. Conduct a study of the request. That may involve looking at the crash history of the area, roadway design, environmental characteristics and traffic patterns. It could also include a formal poll of the residents in the immediate area and surrounding neighborhood to obtain their insight into the matter.
  4. Evaluate the results of all studies to determine if a more appropriate solution would fix the problem rather than implementing another traffic rule.
  5. The Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) makes a recommendation to the General Government Committee for review and possible adoption by the Village Board. In matters not under the direction jurisdiction of Menomonee Falls, TSAC can forward a recommendation for consideration to the appropriate government agency outside of Menomonee Falls. TSAC is a local committee comprised of a Village Engineer, Director of Public Works or their designee and the Police Department Traffic Supervisor. Any recommended solution must have the endorsement of those who live in the affected area in order for it to have a positive impact.

Making the Request

All requests will receive an answer. In some instances, the police department is allowed to take immediate temporary action under state statute. In most instances, your request will be forwarded to the local Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) or the Waukesha County Highway Safety Committee to be placed on a meeting agenda. You would then be notified when that meeting will take place so that you may make a personal appearance.

Requests may be submitted online or by mailing a written request to:

Traffic Safety Advisor Committee
Menomonee Falls Police Department Traffic Unit
W156 N8480 Pilgrim Road
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051