Reporting a Crash


It is always best to report any crash you are involved in so that you may better protect yourself from false claims of injury or damage. Insurance companies usually require a report from the police.


A report is mandatory if the crash exceeds the reporting threshold. In Wisconsin that threshold is one or more of the following:

  • An injury or fatality of a person
  • Total damage to one person's property is $1000 or more
  • Damage to government property is $200 or more ($1000 if government vehicle)

Copies of all reported crashes are kept on file with our department. All official reports are completed by a police officer.

Police Reports in Person

The Menomonee Falls Police Department will not take crash reports via electronic communication. If you do not have an officer come to the scene but you wish to come to the police department to report a crash that you're involved in, both drivers must be available in order to complete the report. A possible exception to this would be a hit and run crash.

If your crash meets the reporting threshold and it is not immediately reported, you may file a self-reporting form with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Self-reporting forms are available at the police department service counter.

In a Crash

If you are involved in a crash, the rule of thumb is "if you can steer it, clear it." Wisconsin law calls for roadways to be cleared of obstructions as soon as possible in the interest of highway safety.

If you are able to safely operate your vehicle after a crash, move it off the traveled portion of the highway to a safe area. The exception to this would be a crash with a serious injury or fatality.

Whether or not you are able to move your vehicle, please remain with your vehicle until the police arrive.

How to Report a Crash

Go to WI DOT crash reporting

You need your driver license number, vehicle identification number (VIN) or social security number and insurance information.

Follow the website instructions to complete your crash report.

Obtaining a Copy of Your Crash Report

A copy of your report may be available at least 3 business days after your crash has been filed. Contact the Police Department to see if the report is completed. 262-532-8700. There is a $0.25/per page fee.

You can also obtain a copy of your report from Wisconsin DOT, if you have been given the document number by the Officer who investigated your crash.

The report can be downloaded here: Crash Reports