Traffic crashes are not accidents but avoidable events.

Most crashes are the result of human error. Although weather can play a role, it is a driver's responsibility to adjust to both the changing roadway conditions and their own driving abilities.

Obtaining a copy of your crash report

A crash report takes approximately 3 business days to complete before it is available for purchase. A crash report is available online through the state website: Crash report  or submitting an open records request to the police department. The state website will require the document number associated with the crash report, NOT the case number that was provided to you by the officer. Please contact our office to obtain the document number if you wish to obtain a copy of your report from the state. 

You may also obtain a copy of your report through our office. Please know that you will need to fill out a few forms in order to receive that report. You may download those forms here as an Open records request. Both forms need to be filled out in order to obtain a copy of your crash report. There is a $0.25 per page fee for a copy of the report.