Command Staff

The Police Department's Command Staff consists of the Chief of Police, two Captains, and four Lieutenants. The Chief of Police and the Command staff oversee the various bureaus and units of the department.

The department is divided into three bureaus; Patrol Bureau, Special Investigations Bureau, and the Services Bureau. The management team is responsible for the program development and coordination within their respective bureaus and units.


The Chief of Police is responsible for command oversight of all Police Department operations with assistance from two captains and four Lieutenants. The department is split into two major divisions, Operations and Support, with a captain commanding each one.  In the Operations division, two Lieutenants command the Patrol Bureau; one Lieutenant is responsible for the Patrol Support Unit and Day Shift Patrol operations and the second Lieutenant is responsible for Early and Late Shift Patrol operations. A third Lieutenant is in command of the Special Investigations Bureau overseeing all of the department's detectives and juveniles officers. In the Support Division, a fourth Lieutenant commands the Services Bureau and has oversight of all administrative, training, and communications functions. 

These six commanders and Chief of Police are the department's management team.

Management Team

In order for a police agency to maintain high professional standards, a management team approach is utilized. The Command Staff uses regular meetings to communicate as a group to discuss operational issues and strategic planning. The cooperative interaction of this Command Staff team provides a variety of perspectives to problems encountered. Although using this team approach arrives at many decisions, the Chief of Police has the ultimate responsibility for the operations and administration of the department. She has the primary responsibility for policy making, personnel decisions, and discipline. 

The Chief functions as the primary liaison with other officials, community organizations, and governmental agencies. The Chief assists the Police and Fire Commission in addressing their goals for the recruitment, selection, promotion, and retention of highly qualified personnel. The Chief also works with the Village Manager in the development and administration of the department's budget. The Chief must ensure that there is ongoing liaison with the Village Board and the committees and boards that have jurisdiction over matters involving the Police Department and public safety.

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