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Bicycle Registration

  1. In an effort to return recovered bicycles to their rightful owners in Menomonee Falls, the Menomonee Falls Police Department is offering free on-line bicycle registration to the community. All bicycles with wheels in excess of 14 inches in diameter must be registered.

    Please fill out the following information as completely as possible for each bicycle.

  2. In registering this bicycle, I certify that the serial number entered is the same number as stamped on the bicycle owned by me, and that the bicycle is equipped with a working brake and a red reflector showing to the rear of the bicycle, all in conformity with Ordinance 106-204. This certification is required.
  3. How do I measure bicycle frame size?
    Measure the vertical seat tube (not to be confused with the adjustable seat post) on the main frame. The measurement begins from the bottom bracket (the cylindrical part of the lower frame in which the pedal cranks are affixed) and goes up to the top of the seat tube, the point at which the seat post enters the main frame.
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