2009 to 2019

2009 (2,621 Incidents)

Chief Robert Coon retired on January 5, 2009 having served the MFFD since 1974. After starting as a volunteer, Bob became one of the first two full-time firefighters in January of 1976. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1982, followed by Division Chief in 1989 and Deputy Chief in 1994. For many of these years served as the Department's Training Officer. He served as Fire Chief from 1998 until his retirement.

Assistant Chief Richard Burgess was named Interim Chief by the Police and Fire Commission and served in that capacity until a new Chief was hired.

The new Chief, Jeffrey Hevey, started on February 23, 2009 having most recently been the Assistant Chief with the City of Wauwatosa Fire Department.  

2010 (2,669 Incidents) Village Population is 35,626

2011 (2,827 Incidents)

2012 (2,765 Incidents)

In February, 2012, the Fire Department re-assigned to the newly formed Protective Services Department, under the direction of Police Chief/Director of Protective Services Anna Ruzinski, .

The Department entered an extensive planning phase to restructure the organization. After an 18 month push to attract more Paid-On-Call members (Jan 2011 to July 2012) a decision was made to restructure starting January 1, 2013. The paid-on-call system to deliver Fire and EMS protection after 1800 hours was eliminated from Stations 2 and Station 3. Station 1 volunteers still responded from home after 1800 hours, but their pay has been restructured.

All four fire stations are staffed by career, part-time or volunteer members 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with the exception of Station 1. Station 1 still has volunteer members responding from home 1800 to 0600 hours each week night and weekend nights.

Station 4 was opened for 24 hour service on January 1, 2013. This is the first time since the station was constructed in 1994 that members are continually staffing the station. This staffing format was allowed after the paid-on-call system was abandoned.

Every day, each station is staffed with the minimum of two Firefighter/Motor Pump Operator/Emergency Medical Technician A or B, who cross-staff an Engine and Ambulance Company. Extra positions at each station are filled by volunteer members of the department. Every night, part-time and volunteer members staff each station with the exception of Fire Station 1.

Currently, career firefighters work a 48-hour work week. Part-time firefighters need to work at least two 12 hour shifts per week and volunteer members need to work one 12-hour shift per week.

The professional, highly-trained, dedicated members of the Menomonee Falls Fire Department work around the clock to keep its citizens and visitors to Menomonee Falls and Lannon safe. On January 1, 2015 the Menomonee Falls and Lannon Fire Departments consolidated into one department. This was a long process that culminated into the departments merging and providing efficient, expedient, and fiscally responsible service to the citizens of both communities. 


Over half the members have been on the department for three years or less, with the rest varying up to 33 years. The average time on the job with the Department is 6.72 years. There are 15 females on the Department. Currently, the department has an auxiliary (The Kindling) made up of women and men whose family members are fire department personnel. There are many opportunities for members to attend classes and seminars. Many of the members have joined the Department to acquire training and experience which allows them to apply for full-time positions with the Menomonee Falls Fire Department or other career departments.

Volunteer members are compensated with a monthly stipend of $50. Volunteer members must work one twelve (12) hour shift per week. The volunteer member is compensated $20 for each twelve hour shift worked in-station. Members who respond from home on calls for service when requested by the Department are compensated with $20 per call. There are no longer traditional Paid-on-Call members. There are currently 80 volunteer members who are Firefighter/MPO/EMTs, Firefighter/EMTs, Firefighter or just EMT-Basic or Advanced. Currently, the Department does not deliver an Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) service, but is making future plans.

In 2012, the Menomonee Falls Fire Department responded to 2,765 calls for emergency service. Emergency Medical Calls accounted for 2,064, and non-emergency medical calls accounted for 701 (Fires, Hazardous Materials, Dangerous Situations, Mutual Aid and Good Intent). The Department is part of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) and routinely responds to and requests assistance from surrounding communities. We also have automatic aid for Fire, Emergency Medical Service and Special Team Service from the villages of Butler, Germantown, Lannon, Sussex, town of Lisbon and the Cities of Mequon and Milwaukee. Menomonee Falls responded to fifty-seven mutual aid calls in 2012.

2013 (2,792 Incidents)

01/01/2013 Jamed Taylor-Starts as Battalion Chief after serving as Training Lieutenant since?????????

01/01/2013 Kevin Rokenbrodt was promoted from firefighter to Battalion Chief

03/25/2013 Mollet-Starts as BC

Chief Hevey retired on July 5, 2013 and Deputy Chief Umhoefer filled in as Acting Chief during the search for a new Fire Chief.

Starting December 30, 2013 the full-time firefighters were scheduled for 24-hour shifts using the California rotation.

2014 (3,039 Incidents)

James Mollet was appointed as Assistant Fire Chief, which was now the highest Department rank, after serving as a Battalion Chief since March of 2013. Prior to that he had been with the Greenfield and Wisconsin Rapids Fire Departments.

2014 would bring about the retirements of Deputy Chief Richard Kropp in May and Division Chief Richard "Tod" Doebler in November taking with them over 70 years of experience. Richard had been integral to the success of our Emergency Medical Services and Tod was our lead Fire Prevention Officer for many years. Both had been key members of our management team.

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Lannon Plaque

The Village of Lannon Fire Department was established in 1916 and protected not only their own Village since, but also covered western third of the Village of Menomonee Falls for over 50 years.

Job well done LFD!

As of midnight, on December 31, 2014 the Lannon Fire Department was toned-out for their final call and the MFFD took over both fire and EMS responses in the Village of Lannon.

2015 (3,366 Incidents)

After 35 years of service, Assistant Chief Richard Burgess retired on July 31, 2015. Richard had been the head of our Haz-Mat division prior to those duties being handed over to the Waukesha County designated Haz Mat team. He later oversaw the high-level management and policy writing duties.

Goodbye Old Friend

August was both an exciting and emotional time. With the opening of the new Station #5 on Silver Spring Drive and the replacement Station #1 on Menomonee Avenue, we said goodbye to the Appleton Avenue Station #1 with a final meal and pictures of the last people to work in the building that had been our home for 85 years. 

Saturday August 1st started with a decommissioning ceremony at old Station #1. The Flag was lowered for the last time and carried to the new station with the caravan of vehicles transferring to their new home.

Listen to the final page for Station #1 below.

The New Stations

The replacement Station #1 and the new Station #5 were dedicated on August 6th.

2016 (3,643 Incidents)

04/25/2016 Kais-Starts as Battalion Chief

08/01/2016 Paramedic-1st unit

08/08/2016 Myers hired FT

2017 (4,284 Incidents

02/01/2017 WCC Dispatch

10/03/2017 BC Taylor Resigned to take a Chief's position out of state.

12/31/2017 Hire 6 additional full-time firefighters bringing the full-time ranks to ???

01/11/2018 Paramedic-2nd unit

02/26/2018 Nicholas Boehlke & Kurt Harthun start as Battalion Chief and 04/04/2018 Battalion Chief Kais was promoted to Division Chief of Training.