Unit Tools & Responsibilities

Unit Tools

Officer Directing TrafficTools used by the unit to assist with traffic issues and crash suppression are:

  • Dual antenna moving radar and laser stationary radar
  • In-squad mobile video systems and laptop computers
  • Analysis of computerized accident files
  • State funding for special enforcement and education programs
  • Cooperative enforcement efforts with other law enforcement agencies
  • Participation in traffic safety committees
  • Mobile speed monitor unit and changeable message sign
  • Computerized traffic data surveys


Additional areas of responsibility for the Traffic Unit are:

  • Technical review and analysis of all crash reports
  • Investigation of all fatal, serious injury, and other significant crashes
  • Investigation and disposal of all abandoned vehicles
  • Investigation of all court-ordered vehicle seizures
  • Assist in directing the Department's impaired driver enforcement activities
  • Participating in the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP)
  • Coordination of all community special events and dignitary protection
  • Providing traffic safety education services
  • Participation with municipal, county, and state traffic safety committees
  • Maintenance of all traffic related equipment
  • Traffic impact reviews for all community development projects