Bike Patrol

The primary objective of the bike patrol program is to provide an improved police presence in business districts, shopping centers and parks. Officers are assigned to the bike patrol on a voluntary basis and receive training regarding safe operation of, and tactics in the use of the police bicycle.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Enforcing the State of Wisconsin vehicle and traffic laws
  • Enforcing criminal statutes and local ordinances
  • Increasing the public's awareness of the importance of bicycle safety and the considerate sharing of the road


  • Quick response time to many calls
  • Can arrive unnoticed at times, enhancing the officer's ability to apprehend a suspect or to protect the safety of others
  • Contributes to our Community Policing Mission
  • Participates in bike safety programs for children
  • More interaction with Village residents
  • Access to areas that are inaccessible to cars
  • Quick response in traffic jams
  • Provides a safe and unobtrusive presence in crowds
  • During the hours of darkness, reduced visibility of the officers allows them to combat many problems in high-crime areas:
    • Disturbances
    • Liquor law violations
    • Thefts
    • Vandalism