Traffic Problems

Primary Focus

The primary traffic focus are those problem areas that present a history of crashes and injuries.

The purpose is to try to reduce crashes and injuries thereby improving traffic safety.

Secondary Focus

Our secondary focus is on residential areas, particularly where we have documented complaints on file. Forces that affect our attention to these areas are time, manpower, availability and calls for service.

If you have a concern about a traffic problem in your neighborhood or business area, we have several means for addressing the problem.

  • Speed Display Trailer - This device will show the speed of approaching vehicles on an electronic display. It serves as a passive reminder to motorists. We usually do not use this device in very inclement weather, overnight, on the freeway system or in an area that will not allow a safe place to deploy it so it does not interfere with traffic.
  • Stealth Stat Computer - This device allows us to perform studies of vehicle speeds, and statistical analysis into time-of-day traffic patterns. These studies are usually conducted midweek for a minimum of 48 consecutive hours.
  • Neighborhood Personal Message Sign - Temporary signs that are about the size of the average political campaign sign are placed on your front lawn or other area not within the highway right of way. They have a safety related message such asking motorists to slow down, warning motorists of children in the area and thanking motorists for driving safely. They are provided free of charge by Neighborhood Watch.